Structural extensimeter, potentiometric type

The structural extensimeter detects displacements or deformations of components subjected to mechanical stress. The extensometer finds its main application in the field of structural surveys such as monitoring of cracked contents or capturing data during site testing.
Thermometer and hygrometer, integrated into the instrument, make it possible to assess the effect of relative humidity and heat on the structure and on the sensor to distinguish the seasonal variations from the real movements. The container is suitable for outside placement.
Equipped with a low power consumption, the extensometer is a measuring instrument designed for long-term monitoring, not attended by operators. Each reading is sent to Coordinator/gateway through the router infrastructure.



± 15°


0,001 / 0,002 / 0,004


±0,2% / ±0,15% / ±0,075%



Radio 868 Mhz ISM band, GFSK modulation, 115 kbps bit rate, TX out 13 dbm RX -110 sensitivity, dbm. 128-bit AES encryption. Free range 350 m LOS

Setup device

RX system 433 Mhz passive, OOK modulation
Range of connection 10 cm

Technical Features

Power source Lithium primary battery 2 x AA 3.6 V
Consumption 5 µA sleep: receiving setup commands, 35 mA riception of data, 180 mA data
Average lifetime 5 years (10 min monitoring frequency and transmission rate 10 min)
Installation mode Wall mounting
Container characteristics Plastic material
Protection degree IP66
Dimensions Dimensioni 90 – 90 x 60 mm