The Gateway allows for direct connection to all sensors and tags via the Internet , directly from your PC or Smartphone

The Coordinator/Gateway is a basic device for the formation of the SmartNetwork network. SmartNetwork is configured as a network of type Mesh asynchronous (non-timed and thus always available for sending of data, which occurs without latency imposed by protocol). Each application may provide for the installation of various SmartNetwork, connected by means of specific gateway to backbones of communication available that allow you to return the data to the management server. All sensors are searchable on demand in real time and all the end devices are always available without latency. The Coordinator/Gateway has the capacity to coordinate the formation of the network and is the first element of the same to be installed. The configuration with 802.3af Power Over Ethernet allows you to power your device and to inform you by means of a single Ethernet connector.



Autonomy Router dl traffic data daily (powered by a lithium battery-thionyl chloride 3.6 V D with capacity 19,000 mAh)

Setup Device

RX system passive 433 MHz . OOK modulation range free 10 cm


EMC and Radio Spectrum

EN 301 489-1 -3; EN 300 328; EN 300 440-1 -2; EN 300 220-1-2


RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU



Connection Quality, power consumption and battery status, temperature device


Switch in installation, repeater mode, Association to network, Reset

Technical Features

Power Supply A primary battery lithium-thionyl chloride 3.6 V (Options: Type AA 2.4Ah - Type C 8.5 Ah - Type D 19.0 Ah)
Consumption 4 or 8 GB CFast flash card (optionally extendable)
How to install Anchor on any support with brackets and blocks or On stakes with metal clips or plastic (the attachment devices are supplied separately)
Operating Temperature -10 °C to +65 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Relative Humidity of exercise 85%
Features container Self-extinguishing plastic material suitable for installation in the open air without special
Degree of Protection IP56
Size 85 x 85 x 55 mm
Weight 230 gr

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