This device can be used to recover a trigger event generated by an external wireless device. It is based on an auto tuned PPM super regenerative receiver. For more information see Smart Network Documentations

Geotag 1.0 is a device used as georeference in a SmartNetwork system. Its use allow to track and localize Human, machineries and more in general objects equipped with localization devices.
It generates a long wave length RF signal, which reception can be elaborated and then converted in a geometrical point or in a restricted area into a smart network system.

RF Frequencies

ISM 868 Mhz, GSFK
ISM 869.5 MHz PPM
ISM 125KHz Manchester

Setup Device

RX system passive 433 MHz . OOK modulation range free 10 cm



Connection Quality, power consumption and battery status, temperature device


Switch in installation, repeater mode, Association to network, Reset

Technical Features

Power Supply Tadiran SL2780/T Lithium Thionyl Chloride D Battery. 1900mAh
Current Consumtion 5 µA Sleep: NFC active
55 µA Iddle mode*
35 mA UHF RX mode
180 mA UHF TX mode
190 mA 125 kHz trasmission**
No human battery mantainence time More than 20 years in Smart Network RX mode. Battery timelife depend on device workingload
UHF FSK/OOK internal Antennas Omnidirectional with -9dBi gain
Final UHF Link Budget -90 dB GFSK RTX at 115Kbps -86 dB PPM wake up module
125 kHz internal Antenna About 1 nH
Magnetic Range XY ellipse (d max = 9m outdoor) XZ circle (d = 7.5 m)
Installation mode Reclosable Fastening Adesive System
Working Temperature Range -40°C ÷ +85°C
RH% working range Up to 85 %
Enclosure Plastic ABS
Isolation IP68
Dimension 95 x 95 x 65 mm
Peso 230 gr