Parking Ground

Magnetic sensor for monitoring the occupation of parking lot

The sensor is inserted and sealed in a special hole in the road surface. In this way it is guaranteed protection from vandalism or mecanical actions by snowplows or road surface cleaning. It allows monitoring of the state of occupation of parking stalls. When connected to identification tag installed in vehicle, allows the authorisation of the parked vehicles to park on reserved parking spaces. Connects to the Smart Network for data transmission. Integrates with ZTL system and videosurveillance.
Allows multiple applications: in addition to real-time monitoring of occupied parking spaces it allows online payment of parking tickets, management with reservation of season ticket, reserved parking areas, restricted areas for short stops, notification system about free parking areas with anti-theft purposes.



Radio 868 Mhz ISM band, GFSK modulation, 115 kbps bit rate, TX out 13 dbm RX -110 sensitivity, dbm. 128-bit AES encryption. Free range 350 m LOS

Setup device

RX system 433 Mhz passive, OOK modulation
Range of connection 10 cm

Technical Features

Power source Lithium primary battery 1xAA 3.6 V
Consumption 55 µA sleep: receiving setup commands, 35 mA reception of data, 180 mA data transmission
Average lifetime 5-10 years old (monitoring frequency 2 min and 5 min transmission frequency) depending on the number of batteries installed
Modalità di istallazione Inserted and sealed in a hole in the road surface
Container characteristics Resin sealed inside a plastic container
Protection level IP68
Dimensions 130 – 180 x 25 mm (depending on the number of batteries installed)