Volatile Odour

Cromos Platform

Consisting of sensors capable of detecting odorous molecules, which are interconnected using a communication bus to a central coordinator. The sampled data, processed and stored before, elaborated and memorized later are being sent to a second device interface, which sends (using SERIAL proprietary protocol/UHF/IP) measurements to a gateway (GPRS/LAN/USB) or to a Smart Network router , and receives from these, any asynchronous user commands. Besides PID, it can be installed, compared with a prior assessment odour sources: CL2-B1/H2S-BH/SO2-BF/NO2-B1


Normal Range Isobutylene

2 ppm

Minimum Detectable Quantity

0.5 ppb



Radio 868 Mhz ISM band, GFSK modulation, 115 kbps bit rate, TX out 13 dbm RX -110 sensitivity, dbm. 128-bit AES encryption. Free range 300 m LOS

Technical Features

[sc name=Riga_tabella_tf titolo=”Humidity Response” descrizione=”< 1 % @ 90% relative humidity" ] [sc name=Riga_tabella_tf titolo="Humidity Quenching Effect" descrizione=" < 15% @ 90% relative humidity" ] [sc name=Riga_tabella_tf titolo="Average lifetime" descrizione="1 years" ] [sc name=Riga_tabella_tf titolo="Installation mode" descrizione="Pole mounting" ] [sc name=Riga_tabella_tf titolo="Container characteristics" descrizione="Plastic material" ] [sc name=Riga_tabella_tf titolo="Dimensions" descrizione="300x220x120 mm" ] [sc name=Chiusura_tabella_tf ] [sc name=Chiusura_div_technical_features ]

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Power source Solar Battery Charge - lead acid battery 6V 12Ah
Consumption 40 mA
Temperature Range -20 °C to 60 °C
Relative Humidity Range 0 to 90% non-condensing