Smart Platform

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The emerging Internet of Things ecosystem is characterized by a wide range of excellent niche technologies and innovations, designed as part of one large puzzle. As is the case with many emerging initiatives, one of the challenges facing the pioneering generation is to actually get these technologies to talk to each other today, and future proof them for tomorrow. Key to the success of Internet of things is not just to integrate technologies, but to absolutely assure highest standards of security. Up steps Evolvea Evolvea sees the coming together of various expert organizations who shared the vision to create the most complete and integrated Smart Platform based upon the Internet of things and Big Data paradigms. Based out of Switzerland, the Evolvea SmartPlatform integrates the following macro areas; Data Collection & Automation: Sensors, Tags, Actuators and Intelligence based Surveillance Data Transmission: Battery operated network is literally “drag and drop” installations. Battery life times exceed 10 years Data aggregation, normalization and management: The Evolvea IoT Cloud platform boasts in excess of 1000 happy clients and demonstrates the highest standards of IT and data security Applications: Tapping into our in-house vertical expertise and agile application expertise, Evolvea deploys best in class applications and plugins for third party and enterprise applications Smart Platform Scheme Fully integrated today = Future proof for tomorrow

Smart Platform’s elements

In Summary, the main elements of the Evolvea Smart Platform are:

Elements Specifications
Data Collection:
  • Sensors
  • Readers
  • Tags
  • Smart Wearable’s
  • Actuators
  • Surveillance & Intercom
  • Sensors – Environmental, Chemical, Structural and Motion
  • A range of Evolvea Smart Wearables
  • Tags for the transmission of specific types of data
  • Fully integrated network Intercom and video surveillance
  • Integrated video surveillance, Networked intercom and digital signage
  • Authorized number plate and ISO code recognition platform
  • Routers
  • Gateway
  • Localization buoys
  • Battery Operated with 10 Year+ Lifespan
  • Self-Configuring – Hence “drag and drop2 installations
  • Intelligent routers together to find the fastest data routes
  • High levels of redundancy
  • 100% wireless
Data management:
  • State of the art cloud platform
  • Big Data paradigm
  • 1000+ Clients as of 2013
  • Advanced OpenSource Platform
  • Powerful IoT Analytics’ engine
  • Bayesian network and data fusion;
  • End to End data security & anomaly detection
  • Open API for third party and Enterprise application integration
  • Smart Drivers for connection of third party & virtual devices
  • Smart UI with granular access management
  • Smart CPU: Ability to implement process logic and behavior
  • Enterprise document management and archiving unit
  • Proven in the discipline of agile software engineering and vertical expertise
  • Context Aware Web Services and analytics
  • Integration Web and Enterprise applications
  • Vertical Workflows
  • Business Intelligence and compliance packages
  • Mobile applications – Handhelds, Smart Paper, Intelligent glasses


    Work Safety and Interactive clothing from Evolvea.


    Evolvea employs a wide range of high tech sensors; Environmental, Chemical, Structural and Physical, the data foundation for a huge amount of applications


    The SMART NETWORK is the central nervous system of the Evolvea smart platform.


    One of the most advanced OpenSource Platforms to date, the Evolvea IoT cloud Platform is designed specifically for the interconnections of literally millions of devices, presented ultimately as a Software Service to the client. The Evolvea cloud is ISO 27001 conform


    SmartBuilding è un sistema completo e modulare per il monitoraggio l’automazione e la gestione degli edifici


    Insieme di soluzioni tecnologiche destinate a rendere attivo, intelligente e proattivo l’ambiente nel quale viviamo


    At the heart of the Evolvea SmartPlatform for construction is the ability to monitor and analyses structures for both permanent and temporary buildings.


    Le soluzioni dedicate all’energy management permettono di gestire in maniera integrata il monitoraggio di impianti interni ed esterni all’edificio (impianto elettrico, termico, idrico, monitoraggio della qualità ambientale), Realizzare il telecontrollo degli stessi.


    SmartMeter is deployed for the automatic reading of water meters and the transmission of consumption data wirelessly.