Evolvea IoT Cloud

One of the most advanced OpenSource Platforms to date, the Evolvea IoT cloud Platform is designed specifically for the interconnections of literally millions of devices, presented ultimately as a Software Service to the client. The Evolvea cloud is ISO 27001 conform

Tapping into our “Software As A Service” on demand, organizations will never have to deal with the complexity or CAPEX challenges otherwise associated with leveraging off the IoT paradigm, while benefiting from exponential amounts of intelligence at their fingertips.

The big data paradigm adapted by Evolvea enables the conversion of the lowest levels of machine data, into meaningful and valuable information, enabling immediate intervention. All the data is logged, so our partners and clients can use this platform for the realization of increasingly complex regulatory requirements

It also offers many other benefits such as:

Speedy implementation; Immediate time to value

Speedy implementation, with high levels of customization, without the need to consume internal resources. Completely agile solution is adapted to needs as and when these arise, therefore clients will achieve optimal utilization

Focus just on real value adding activities

Clients focus just on the real value adding activities such as their business goals and the associated process, and not on non-core activities such as ICT infrastructure.

Security & Conformance; leave it to the experts

When it comes to ICT infrastructures for Big Data, one needs to consider the security and conformance to standards. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their data is being managed by a team of security and compliance experts

Reliability, availability and scalability

Really the corner stones of our cloud platform


  • Smart (BIG) Data Storage: Processing, Storing and backing up Large Data volumes, securely and in real-time
  • Smart Drivers: Ability to integrate and manage “SmartOpjects” connected to the network, also virtually
  • Smart CPU: CPU: Ability to implement process logic and behavior.
  • Bayesian network and data fusion;
  • Smart API: Ability for the development of specialist or third party application for operation on the Evolvea SmartPlatform
  • Smart UI (Web, Mobile Apps…): Ability to manage intuitive access to assets relative to the identities of the users.