Evolvea Iso Code Recognition

Digital Video and Text analysis
The “ISO & Hazardous Goods” Code recognition technology is achieved via 4 related techniques, depending upon requirements;
  • UNI ISO 10772 class A Certified Optical Character Recognition (OCR) cameras for the acquisition of Vehicle registration numbers
  • UNI ISO 10772 class A Certified OCR cameras for the detection of ISO codes
  • Color analytic cameras for ISO Code recognition. These high definition cameras (H.264) are particularly useful for the detection of ISO 6346:1995 codes containing hazardous materials. Such codes are displayed in a color which contrast with that of the container. IPView. UN ADR Face Plate for the classification of dangerous
  • Optionally, special sensors can be deployed to collect specific data and perform additional tasks; E.g. Thermal Imaging, Radio Active traces, laser scanner, I/O Trigger
IPView Cargo plate portal
Automating quality, security, compliance and inventories of huge volumes of goods in transit brings a key value proposition to distribution services. Port authorities and their clients face increase challenges in the secure management and efficient handling of containers as they pass through ports, bonded warehouses, rail-ports and airports. Automation for efficiency and quality, security, border controls, inventory management and traffic intelligence are key areas which are addressed by an emerging, end to end ICT base technology platform of Technology Associates.