Evolvea Smart Meters

SmartMeter is deployed for the automatic reading of water meters
and the transmission of consumption data wirelessly

Data can be collected from distributed water meters around buildings and cities and transmitted to a controlling processing facility for management.

The SmartMeter is the only long distance system that can be installed on any type of existing counter.

Thanks to the unique technology of Evolvea, existing water meters are equipped with a special wireless reader which captures images of the dial counter, which are converted into consumption data for further processing.

The Evolvea SmartMeters are battery operated, which thanks to a highly efficient processing technology, have a life span of between 10 to 15 years by normal operation.

Exact images and time stamps of the meter dials are transmitted, digitized and archived. The data generated is then used for billing purposes, and the stored images can be used to support any disputes arising. In addition, this data is very valuable for utilities forecasting and promoting consumption in off-peak times, which ultimately leads to greater savings while protecting the environment.