Evolvea Smart Sensors

Evolvea employs a wide range of high tech sensors; Environmental, Chemical, Structural and Physical, the data foundation for a huge amount of applications

Samples of our Smart Sensor suite

›› Tags: Localization of persons, tracking of assets and correlating this data to a wide array of other attributes and threshold values

›› Environmental: Microclimatic sensor, Quality of air sensors, Physical/chemical condition sensors,

›› Special Purpose: Wearable sensors, structural monitoring, Electro Magnetic pollution, Water, etc.

Tags and sensor can be combined in one solution to both track assets and monitor their state relative to environmental levels.

The accuracy of the localization can be scaled down to within a centimeter, depending upon requirements.

Smart Sensors

Microclimatic Sensors

  • Air temperature
  • Relative air humidity
  • Average radiant temperature
  • Air speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Solar radiation
  • Ultraviolet radiation
  • rainfall intensity
  • Accumulated snow levels (weight)
  • Distance of lightning strikes

Air quality sensors

  • Carbon dioxide concentration CO2
  • Monoxide concentration CO
  • Nitrogen dioxide concentration NO2
  • Sulfur dioxide concentration SO2
  • Ozone concentration O3
  • Hydrogen sulfide concentration H2S
  • Oxygen concentration O2
  • Flammable gases concentration
  • Hydrogen concentration H2
  • Ammonia concentration NH3
  • Volatile organic compounds concentration VOC
  • PM10 concentration
  • Odorimetric concentration

Physical / environmental Sensors

  • Levels of lighting
  • People detectors
  • Radon radiation sensors
  • Sound level (real-time and continuous) measured by dB
  • Electromagnetic pollution sensors

Security & Safety Sensors

  • Temperature sensors - Non-contact for electrical safety
  • Monitoring Access sensors
  • Fires sensors
  • Self-powered Wireless Cameras

Localization of personnel and items

  • Operator localization tag
  • Control the use of Personal Protective Equipment (where necessary)
  • Monitoring of tampering or removal of assets
  • Monitor maintenance -Verification of services’ tags

Structural Health Monitoring

  • MES Inclinometers
  • Gages
  • MES Accelerometers

Water system monitoring

  • Temperature sensors
  • Sensor to detect Legionella
  • Sensor to detect leaking pipes
  • Flooding Sensors