Evolvea Smart Structural Building

At the heart of the Evolvea SmartPlatform for construction is the ability
to monitor and analyses structures for both permanent
and temporary buildings

Through the use of specific sensors connected to the Evolvea SmartPlatform, Evolvea offers structural monitoring services to detect any structural changes which may result in danger.
One of the most requested services is for the monitoring of earthquake endangered buildings and the timely raising of alarms when symptoms of an earthquake are detected.

Structural MEMS Inclinometer sensitive to 0,001° changes
Single Axis Inclinometers with “Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems” (MEMS) transducers enable the constant monitoring of structures relative to pre-defined angles. Changes in structure will be identified and communicated via the Evolvea SmartNetwork, and measured versus pre-predefined thresholds. When thresholds are reached or surpassed, alarms are issued, invoking precautionary measures such as evacuation.
Potentiometer Strain Sensor
Enables the detection of movement, deformation or static stress
Structural MEMS Accelerometers
Structural MEMS accelerometers are used to determine structural stress levels in buildings and determine whether damage is being caused by, for example, seismic activity or through standard vibrations caused for example by daily traffic or work being carried out in the vicinity.