Evolvea Wearables

Work Safety and Interactive clothing from Evolvea

The emergence in the use of wearable technologies is reflected in the health & safety, productivity and customer care performances of organizations embracing this. Communication tags can be scanned, sewn, engraved or even printed onto employ clothing, enabling the localization of persons at any given time.

Examples of the use of Evolvea wearable devices:

  • Health Care; Localization of medics for emergency services, or patients
  • Security: Determining presence of non-authorized persons in certain areas
  • Health & Safety: Ensuring the use of Personal Protective Equipment when carrying out activities
  • Detection of “man down” scenarios in for example industry and construction
  • Access Management in critical areas such as Nuclear power plants
  • Manage Attendance: In areas with dynamic workforce numbers, one can track the presence of employees relative to their tasks - This is very often used in construction

…….and many more