Our Smartnetwork

The SMART NETWORK is the central nervous system
of the Evolvea smart platform

The Evolvea SmartNetwork employees powerful, battery components, for both internal and external deployments, to provide latency free, bi-directional communication between sensors or actuators, both fixed and mobile.

Installation is literally “drag and drop”, hence networks can be easily extended just by placing devices in the vicinity and flicking the switch, the devices then connect themselves.

This is the only network of its type, completely independent of external power, while possessing high levels of intelligence, for ease of installation & maintenance, high levels of reliability, and a low total cost of ownership.

The SmartNetwork consists of mutually concatenated routers which guarantee bi-directional communication in real-time. The devices are self-configuring and collaborate to ensure high levels of redundancy on the network, and determine the current fastest data routes, to ensure no latency is experienced.

The high levels of redundancy achieved ensure reliability, longevity and lower total costs of ownership.

Gateways enable the creation of sub networks, for deployment in geographically dispersed locations or indeed in areas where higher QoS requirements are stipulated. Gateways are in-turn connected to the data center via standard Internet Prototcols.


  • Self powering, pervasive connectivity for both temporary and permanent deployments
  • Highly redundant wireless coverage for both internally and externally positioned sensors & tags for centrally controlled or fully automated actions
  • Open interface for the integration of third party devices


  • Environmental and Infrastructural monitoring
  • Control & automation of systems and buildings
  • Infomobility, Smart parking and local or regional security
  • Tracking of personal items
  • Safety
  • Public lighting
  • Access Control
  • Leakage detection
  • Smart Metering


Our routers are watertight, non-corrosive, self-powering and do not require maintenance or management


Housed in an IP56, virtually impermeable container, the SmartNetwork router from Evolvea is the first of its kind. Completely wireless, the routers are battery powered, with a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. Each router is equipped with a self-configuring and self-diagnostic functions, and automatically recognized other devices on the network. Routers collaborate to find the fastest data route to the database, whilst also backing each other up in cases of defect or high traffic volumes.

Each router provides radio coverage for an area of approximately 4,000M2 in the open areas. Indoors the coverage is about 400M2, depending upon obstacles (building materials, furniture, reflective materials etc.). For efficient traffic management we recommend to dissect the global network into subnets, each with a maximum of about 30-40 routers.

The networks are also easily extendable after the first installation simply by adding more routers that are automatically connected to existing ones during their normal operation..


Our Gatways connect our Meshetworks to IP via the major Internet Protocols and physical layers (Ethernet, USB, UMTS, PowerLine, Satellite, etc.)


The Evolvea Gatway has a variety of roles, adding to both the agility of the Evolvea SmartNetwork, and the reliability. The main functionalities are as follows;

  • Co-ordinate logical communication between the network and peripheral elements
  • Data caching and backup in case of loss of connection to the data center
  • Communication with the data center via all major Internet Protocols and Physical layers (Ethernet, Wifi, WiMax PowerLine, Satellite.
  • Building of Subnetworks to enable coverage for wider geographical areas, achieve higher Quality of Service coverage levels for specific areas within the network, or to achieve greater levels of redundancy

Gateways are also available with adapters for different connectors such as USB, UART, GPRS / UMTS, etc

A Bridge device can also be connected to the Gateay which enables the transmission of collected data from external devices to the SmartNetwork thus allowing a multi-protocol communication platform. Hence it is possible to interconnect a SmartNetwork with third party devices equipped with Bluetooth, ZigBee, Serial, Wireless M-BUS, ISM Radio, Wifi, or Infrared, communication devices.

Localization BUOYS

Device of Localization


The localization buoys enables the tracking of devices equipped with a receiver. An example is the tracking of personnel in certain areas through a badge they carry or indeed their personal protective equipment which may be equipped with a buoy. The accuracy of this device depends on the technology used: magnetic or radio frequency. The magnetic buoy provides an accurate localization with an accuracy ranging from 1 to 9 m and is used mainly indoors where greater levels of accuracy are required.

The radio frequency buoys offer multi angle localization and are deployed more for open, wider area applications where the same pinpoint accuracy of the magnetic buoys is not required.

The two types of buoys are not mutually exclusive, and can easily be incorporated into one device.