Data Center

Virtualization, Consolidation, Cloud Computing The Modern Data Center provides management tools and control technologies, combined with Unified Data Center, which together are able to exploit the real benefits of Cloud Computing

All too often, IT infrastructures can be characterized through points of inefficiency and bottlenecks.

This is caused by the moving target of business requirements which often deems yesterday’s design, incapable of addressing today’s needs, resulting in fragmented workarounds.

The emergence of Cloud Computing and the data center operator’s adaption of cloud ITAAS (IT as a Service) infrastructures, address this issue of dynamics, drastically reducing costs, and offering the agility required. To take advantage of Cloud technologies requires a major shift in the approach of companies to their data center operations. Cloud brings with major data center management changes, unifying the management and monitoring of all pillars of the data center; Networking, Storage, Procedures, Security, Physical and Virtual and last but not least, the constant uptime of enterprise applications.

Evolvea offers its clients Cloud ready infrastructures through its planning, design and implementation experts.

Our expertize lays in the implementation of systems consisting of Servers, Storage, Hardware, Data Management, Virtualization, and Monitoring & Support. The dynamic management and automation of resource management and deployments, is a key element of our Cloud solution. In developing a new data center, Evolvea solutions are characterizes as efficient, always-on, with elastic scalability, integrated data protection, advanced automation,all with the ability to move applications and data inside the 'infrastructure in a transparent manner.

The technologies used by Evolvea. are easily integrated into one solution, designed to enable one simplified management of the IT infrastructures and applications.

The main characteristics are:

  • Secure end to end management in virtual environments
  • Simplified and unified architectures
  • Control and management of services
  • Cost reduction
  • Agility and cost reduction
  • Risk mitigation
The building blocks identified by Evolvea
for the planning
of a modern data center are:
  • Physical infrastructure
  • Computing systems
  • Virtualization and cloud technologies
  • Networks
  • Storage infrastructures
  • Planning infrastructues for application services
  • Asset monitoring and management