The Evolvea Building Energy Management System enables the bottom up, granular monitoring of consumption and identification of waste, as well as automatic and remote intervention to ensure consumption is kept to an absolute minimumn

In essence, we create a real-time visualization of the consumption at key points throughout the building at all times. Values measured, coupled with other contextual information result in the automatic switching off of surplus consumption, which invariably occurs day and night across all facilities. Automatic trend analysis is conducted and used to manage the energy consumption in automatic and semi-automatic ways. The Evolvea BEMS enables;

  • Cost Reduction: Reducing annual consumption costs by up to and above 50%
  • Reduction in carbon emissions: Reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint helps build a ‘green’ image thereby generating good business opportunities, with excellent financial incentives
  • Risk reduction: Reducing energy use helps reduce risk of energy price fluctuations and supply shortages
  • Regulatory requirements aiming to reduce carbon emissions and energy use require accurate energy data collection and effective management systems
In addition, organizations obtain major image improvements in the eyes of customers and partners, and most importantly, offer excellent working conditions to its employees. Thanks the emergence of technology paradigms, Internet of Things and Big Data Management, enabling the micro monitoring and management of energy consumption has become both technically and economically feasible. Savings alone can result in payback periods of less than two years, contributing immediately to the value of the organizations within which they are implemented. Business models are based upon accurate energy savings’ forecasted, which in turn are based upon parameters from a wide range of real world projects.