Food & Large Retail

Imagine your goods, enterprise systems, and customers communicating with each other in real-time, all of the time

The Evolvea SmartPlatform in combination with specific devices allows organizing and managing all the documents, information and processes regarding every step of a productive process and all the assets and properties owned by typical Large Retailers, opening the door to a complete, uniform and easy supervision and management of these complex realities. Evolvea SmartPlatform is the ideal tool to manage all the quality controls required especially to the food production and trade, guaranteeing the traceability of all the raw material involved in the food production, in every step and moment, aiming at the food defence and prevention from contamination.


  • Quality & Health controls management: management of HACCP control plan, inspection reports and health alerts;
  • Productive processes management: management of faulty products warnings, non-compliance, products collecting, original brand supplier products;
  • Inspections planning and management: control and inspection of the productive processes quality, management of the inspections and the planned activities, management of the deliveries in the business districts;
  • Asset and Property inventory: through the modular solution EIMWare-GeoWeb;
  • Productive processes and supply chain optimization: through RFID and NFC devices;
  • Food defence: through the control of the accesses to the production areas;
  • BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) of plants and stores;
  • E-learning