Smart Powerful – Completely wireless, Completely cloud based - hence no facility surgery required

In a country like the United States, with healthcare spending nearing 20% of national GDP, M2M technology may well provide the single most promising approach to expanding healthcare services in a cost effective manner” Macchina Research

Healthcare organizations face a myriad of challenges with regards to the management of operations within their quite complex, yet highly sensitive organizations.

SmartHealth is the Evolvea platform for the Management of Environment, Health and Safety within Health Care organizations, with integrated security modules. Combinations of Tags, Sensors, Smart Wearables, Surveillance Equipment, reflect in real-time the exact situation across the facility, which is analyzed in real-time through both out of the box, and easily created policies.

  • Emergency: Location of personnel and equipment for emergency situations or evacuations
  • Environment – Management of medical waste and ensuring environmental conditions conform to those required
  • Health – Ensure the use of protective equipment and the proper handling of medical equipment.
  • Ambient Assisted living
  • Safety - Using tags and sensors to ensure and document that all safety requirements are adhered to
  • Security – Monitor equipment, Access management to critical areas; Integrate activity intelligence with Video Surveillance
  • Building Management – Our integrated Domotics module is designed to minimize excess consumption of utilities
The Evolvea Platform includes a comprehensive suite of Governance and Management application, plus the plugins necessary for third party applications


  • Hospital Management

    » Assets and as built Management
    » Planned Activities Management
    » Real Estate file Management
  • Energy Management

    » Environmental Monitoring
    » Energy Metering
    » HVAC Monitoring & Automation
    » Lighting Automation
  • Health & Safety Management

    » Structural Safety
  • Service Management

    » Digital Signage
  • Waste Management

    » Waste Disposal
  • Environmental Management

    » Noise Monitoring
  • Security Management

    » Indoor Access Control
    » Video Surveillance
  • Water Management

    » Water Leakages