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Engineering & QHSE - When they meet innovation

By nature, these industries deal with with large amounts of hazardous materials within complex processing processes subject to stringent controls and regulations. At the core of protecting these environments is the ability to detect and visualize Volatile organic compounds, manage subsequent remediation and activities and document this in line with regulatory requirements. Evolvea implements activity programs for fugitive emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) complying with the following regulations;

  • LDAR protocol according to EPA 453/R95 – EN15446:2008 – ISPRA H18712 with inspective technique EPA Method 21 for the detection of fugitive emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) through FID and PID
  • ISPRA H18712 Definition of procedures for the implementation of plans for detection and control of VOC fugitive emissions in accordance with Annex H rules for the implementation of an LDAR program for refineries and chemical plants
  • EPA 453/R – 95 -017 Protocol for Equipment Leaks Emissions Estimate: Standard procedures for detecting & quantifying emissions from equipment leaks
  • EPA Leak Detection and Repair LDAR – Best Practices Guide



  • Environmental Services

    » Due Diligence Activities on areas and facilities (working, brown fields, closed, eligible for new activities)
    » Due Diligence Auditing, Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, Compliance Audit
    » Monitoring programmes involving indoor and outdoor impacts on chemical, biological and physical sources and products (chemical products, legionellae, microbiological substances and agents, working place health risk monitoring, asbestos risk assessment, Radon risk assessment and monitoring, internal and external noise monitoring and impacts, continuous odours monitoring and impact risk assessment)

    » Air emissions and immissions, dispersion and diffusion air modelling on stacks and areas for impact risk assessment
    » Fugitive emissions monitoring and management according to LDAR standards
    » HSE consultancy
    » Processes evaluation for HSE impact improvements


  • Applications

    » Production Quality Inspection
    » Georeferenced property and Facility Management
    » Asset and Maintenance Management on graphical layout
    » Big data and Analytics
    » Social CRM and xRM
    » E-learning
    » Enterprise Information Management
    » Identity Management System
    » Permits to work
    » Control of safety performance
  • Environmental Management

    » CROMoS
    » Air Pollution
    » Electromagnetic Field Level
    » Noise Level Monitoring
    » Indoor Air Quality
    » Temperature Monitoring
    » Ozone Presence
  • Security Management

    » Perimeter Access Control
    » Indoor Intrusion Detection
    » Art and Goods Preservation
    » Vehicle Management
    » Access Control
    » Tracking
  • Health & Safety Management

    » Smart Safety
    » Emergency Management
    » Operation Management
    » Earthquake Warning
    » Structural Health
    » Environmental Monitoring
    » Radiation Levels
    » Explosive and Hazardous Gases
    » Fire Fighting
  • Energy Management

    » Environmental/Lighting Monitoring
    » Energy Metering
    » HVAC Monitoring & Automation
    » Lighting Automation
    » Renewable Energy
  • Tracking Management

    » Supply Chain Optimization
    » Product Traceability
    » Analytics
    » Productive processes and supply chain optimization with RFID
  • Water Management

    » Water Leakages
  • Waste Management

    » Waste Disposal