Environmental Due Diligence Audit

The acquisitions or sales of companies and properties could involve large investments connected with risks, which are necessary to assess and estimate in order to give precise support to decision-making process

An exhaustive Environmental review, inclusive of Health and Safety assessment in case of operative sites, gives a dimension of HSE liabilities as well as Decision Makers cost estimation, for strategic actions, through an independent assessment advice. It is a voluntary investigation, jointly accepted by involved parties and actors, ensuring highest confidentiality and integrity levels.


Umbrella for decision makers to avoid misunderstanding, misstatements and liabilities. Definition of exclusions to include by underwriters:
  • Knowledge of environmental liabilities, past and present, before any business deal
  • Knowledge of HSE compliance for operative facilities
  • Evaluation liabilities with respect to costs, generally supplying an estimation range of costs based on: a RBC (Reasonable Best Case) a RWC (Reasonable Worst Case)
  • Potential future interventions and investments
  • Overview of dimension for countermeasures, clean-up and rehabilitations activities
  • Strengths and Weakness for transaction


The activities, in a logic and consequential complete environmental approach, supplied to site assessment and rehabilitation, are:

Data room evaluation of official documentation

Field assessment:

  • Inspection of inside and outside properties
  • Geographical description of the site and analysis of the historical evolution
  • Applicable legislation and consents/authorisations
  • Use of waters, quality of ground waters and soils, underground storage tanks and piping
  • Waste waters network and discharged waste waters
  • Production, management and disposal of wastes
  • PCBs
  • Asbestos
  • Handling and storage of hazardous products
  • Air emissions and controls
  • Internal and external noise impact
  • Health & Safety management
  • Interviews with site responsible
  • Report, with findings, risk evaluation, liability costs, recommendations
A Team of Multidisciplinary Environmental Experts conducts the auditing phase