Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)

  • The service

    Relevant documents for the Basic Engineering are further developed as a follow up, completing the basic information with:
    • Mechanized P&I drawings, Rev.0, including: Line numbering, Line specifications, Control loops detailing, Notes and indication for mounting
    • Line list
    • Mechanization of equipment and instruments data sheet
    • Detailed heat exchangers’ design of performance check
    • Interconnecting diagrams and of relevant tie-in list
    • Preliminary equipment layout and pipe routing
    • Classification of electric areas
    • Preliminary electrical design, in particular: One line diagram preparation, Cable sizing, MCC configuration definition
    • Preliminary design of DCS general configuration
    • Preliminary instrument and electrical cable route definition
    • Structural one line diagram definition
    • Foundation lay out with loads
    • Civil work general specifications