Health Care

Subtle, Smart Powerful – Completely wireless, Completely cloud based - hence no facility surgery required.

“In a country like the United States, with healthcare spending nearing 20% of national GDP, M2M technology may well provide the single most promising approach to expanding healthcare services in a cost effective manner” Macchina Research

Healthcare organizations face a myriad of challenges with regards to the management of operations within their quite complex, yet highly sensitive organizations. SmartHealth is the Evolvea platform for the Management of Environment, Health and Safety within Health Care organizations, with integrated security modules. Combinations of Tags, Sensors, Smart Wearables, Surveillance Equipment, reflect in real-time the exact situation across the facility, which is analyzed in real-time through both out of the box, and easily created policies.

  • Location of personnel and equipment for emergency situations or evacuations
  • Environment – Management of medical waste and ensuring environmental conditions conform to those required
  • Health – Ensure the use of protective equipment and the proper handling of medical equipment.
  • Ambient Assisted living
  • Safety - Using tags and sensors to ensure and document that all safety requirements are adhered to
  • Security – Monitor equipment, Access management to critical areas; Integrate activity intelligence with Video Surveillance
  • Building Management – Our integrated Domotics module is designed to minimize excess consumption of utilities

  The Evolvea Platform includes a comprehensive suite of Governance and Management application, plus the plugins necessary for third party applications.

One imagines an emergency situation and how important is to know where the closest available facilities, personnel and equipment are to deal with that. In addition to being more efficient and cost effective, the Evolvea SmartPlatform documents all activities hence creating a granular, full-audit trail, hence enabling the automatic conformance to a wide array, and expanding library of regulatory requirements.

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Sample Applications
Following is a list of sample applications as deployed amongst our healthcare clientele. Evolvea offers this as a SaaS service to clients, hence individual elements of the application stack can be selected, while other aspects of the application stack already deployed can be integrated into the Evolvea Platform. Features can be implemented , as and when they are needed.
Emergency Support
  • Real-time localization of Equipment and Personnel for cases of emergency
  • Real-time documentation of patient data retrievable by authorized user from applications throughout the facility
  • Ensuring emergency equipment is stored in designated areas
  • Environmental Monitoring relative to approved standards: Radiation, Presence of Bacteria & Micro-organisms, Electromagnetic, UV, Air Quality, Temperature, Micro Climatic conditions, Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Monitoring of noise levels in specific areas
  • Sensors to support air and water filtration systems (eg legionella)
  • Medical Disposal: Management of medical and radioactive waste - Ensure use of prescribed waste packaging and First in- First out policies are adhered to.
  • Preservation: Medical Fridges and the control of conditions for storing vaccines, medicines and organic elements. This feature is for both stationary refrigeration and those in transit
  • Control of the distribution of medical Gas
  • Tracking of medical inventories and fined grained tracking of equipment handling
  • Alarm system for unauthorized access and/or removal of medical equipment
  • Tracking and management of Emergency vehicles to ensure availability
Ambient Assisted Living
  • Monitoring of person’s locations relative to guidelines
  • Detection of distress situations e.g. Lack of movement
  • Domotics: High levels of HVAC automation for comfort and safety
  • Detection of symptom related scenarios – e.g. the cooker is on, but there is no-one in its vicinity
  • Remote control interaction with utilities for ease of use
  • Audio/Visual intercom systems for communication
  • Intelligent surveillance – Configure scenarios which activate video surveillance
  • Emergency routing
  • Detect insecure situations such as open doors and windows
  • Ensure and document the use of wearable Personal Protective & Hygienic Equipment
  • Sterilization: Measures such as Sterilization Assurance Levels
  • End to end management of Fire Prevention system and Extinguishers
  • Fire Alarm and evacuation
  • Detection of prohibitive levels of hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide
  • Smart Parking to enforce permitted parking only in reserved areas
  • Intelligence based
  • Equipment Monitoring: Location in case of emergency, Anti-theft, and access by authorized persons only
  • Access & Security: Access to reserved areas such as operating theatre, radiology rooms / CT / MRI data centers, Patient wards etc
Building Management
  • Localized measurement & optimization of HVAC electric, gas, water , heat consumption, Air Quality & Humidity Smart Meters to localize consumption – OCR image processing
  • Water leakage detection
  • Smart metering
  • Connectivity: Digital Signage for addressing visitors and staff
  • Lighting: Control of lighting levels and types in key areas (e.g. minimum values e.g. 30 lux Plan medical observation ( no surgical unit ), 200 lux Countertop reading , labs and offices, 80 lux trails , restrooms and laboratories;