Logistic & Transport

Internet of Things - Connecting the information and material flows
in autonomous cooperating logistics and transportation processes

The world is currently experiencing the emergence of the Internet of Things paradigm, which is revolutionizing a wide range of business sectors and private well-being. The IoT paradigm is evident in virtually everything we do, be it lifestyle, business or public administration, and will exponentially become more pervasive in the coming years . As of 2014, it is estimated that there is one connected IoT device per person; by 2020 this will increase to 9, underlining the validity of the paradigm. The logistics and transportation sector is emerging as a leader in embracing the IoT paradigm, and many organizations are employing it to efficiently manage their processes, addressing some of it major challenges;



  • Shorter turnaround times
  • Lowering in inventories
  • Managing and tracking Perishables, ensuring turnaround times and temperatures conform to planned
  • Anti-theft/ Anti-Fraud
  • Security – real-time alerts for deviations from plan. Intelligent Surveillance for warehouses and depots
  • Supply chain alerts when deviations from the plan occur
  • Customs and Certification red-tape
  • Cargo securing –real-time alerts when components are subject to excess vibrations
The Evolvea Platform includes a comprehensive suite of Governance and Management application, plus the plugins necessary for third party applications

The Evolvea platform also incorporates applications in the area of Environment, Health and Safety, as well as Facility security, all in one fully integrated platform
  • Port management and security- Container Management and Security
  • Fleet tracking and Maintenance
  • Cold Chain Tracking
  • Lean Warehouse Management
  • Customs and Certification brokerage