Public Administration

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In conjunction with many of the features already listed in the area of SmartCity, the Evolvea platform is use by Public Administration to address other complex challenges. The Evolvea Platform includes a comprehensive suite of Governance and Management application, plus the plugins necessary for third party applications.

  • Water Management
  • Management of Land Fill
  • Early warning system for Forest Fire detection
  • Remote wide area monitoring & anti-theft SmartTracking

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Water Management
  • Remote water monitoring: Monitor the quality of tap water in cities for the presence of pollutants and minerals
  • Detection of pollution in rivers, lake and the sea, and eventual source localization (e.g. Chemical plant)
  • Detect Leakages and prohibitive water levels relative to
  • Monitoring of water level variations in rivers, dams and reservoirs
Management of Land Fill or illegal disposal
Detection and measurements of specific types of emissions relative to permitted levels. Emissions are correlated to current or anticipated weather conditions – e.g. Wind direction, hence early warning systems are put in place to invoke measures to prevent emissions from reaching permitted levels, especially in cases where the wind direction would transport the fumes towards urban areas.
Early warning system for Forest Fire detection
An intelligent system for the detection & localization of fire outbreaks across wide areas of coverage achieved through a process of reverse modelling. When a group of sensors in close proximity detect smoke, the sequence of detection, coupled with the wind direction (taking potential wind channels into consideration), specially designed mathematical models can determine with high probability the source of the smoke, and issue corresponding alerts.
Remote wide area monitoring & anti-theft SmartTracking
Combinations of wide area sensor network and on demand video surveillance provides excellent support in policing wide areas which is otherwise only possible through sporadic patrols. E.g.: The monitoring of Photovoltaic Farms. We monitor exact locations of devices relative to their planned locations. Other variables such as wind and wind condition are measured, hence we can determine whether movements are caused by the weather or otherwise. When unaccounted for movements occur, wireless cameras are directed at the specific location, and images are streamed directly to the data center, where alerts are issues. Similar networks can be used to police areas for illegal dumping.