Smart City

Subtle, Smart Powerful – Completely wireless, Completely cloud based, Making Cities more efficient, inviting, healthy and secure

Imagine if our cities could talk; if they could give us up-to-date status updates on traffic patterns, pollution levels, available parking spaces; they would help us to manage utilities such as water, power and lighting. Imagine how that kind of information could improve the economic and environmental health of the city for residents, merchants, and visitors alike. Imagine how it could improve working conditions and productivity for the people who maintain the city.

Smart City connects people to real-time information about what is happening in the city relative to their needs and lifestyles, resulting in greater levels of simplicity, efficiency and lower levels of stress. The SmartCity platform enables unprecedented levels of communication between people, their city and those responsible for delivering the services necessary.

The Evolvea Platform includes a comprehensive suite of Governance and Management application, plus the plugins necessary for third party applications. Following is a list of SmartCity applications delivered by the Evolvea SmartPlatform. Thanks to its modular design, City authorities can scale their activities based upon specific requirements, extending to other areas as the SmartCity initiative evolves.

  • Traffic Congestion Management
  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Street Lights
  • Red light enforcement
  • Refuse Management
  • SmarGrid
  • Environment – Pollution footprint
  • Security
  • Smart Buildings
  • Urban Noise Map

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Traffic Congestion Management
Traffic free zones: Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Vehicle Classification, Smart Parking, Access Control and a suite of browser based Enterprise class applications, are some of the main features incorporated into the Evolvea Traffic Free Zones management system. A suite of Enterprise class web based applications are used by Authorities and citizens alike to manage process such as infringement fines.

Diversions’ Management: Digital signage boards and mobile application interfaces to indicate traffic backlog based upon traffic volumes and input from other users.

Traffic Statistics: Our big data platform is designed to manage large amounts of data. We track data volumes relative to date, time and even weather conditions. This is vital input for city infrastructure and public transport planning activities.
Smart Parking
Parking in cities is often like a game of musical chairs, but not so much fun. SmartParking is a complete and modular system for the management of parking spaces whether in on public streets, public car parks or within private structures. The solution is based on the real-time monitoring of parking spaces, their status and for enclosed environments, whether or not the occupant vehicle is permitted. Available parking spaces are visible via digital signage boards or mobile apps.
Smart Street Lighting
The Evolvea smart Public Lighting solution transforms common street poles into intelligent and connected components in wide and local area networks. This enables;
  • Greater control of lighting – as and when it is needed
  • Intelligence based remote monitoring, maintenance and measurement of consumption at granular levels
  • Efficient asset management
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Connection of other devices to the same network to support a wide range of SmartCity initiatives such as traffic monitoring and SmartParking
  • Geo localization of specific lamps on the city map
All this features contribute to greater levels of safety of comfort, whilst reducing costs and adverse environmental impacts.
Red light enforcement
The Evolvea Red Light Enforcement Solution based on our authorized 75 frames per second HD, high speed Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) scanner which can be easily configured centrally to manage a wide range of red light violation scenarios. Our ANPR technology is based upon a pulsating infrared beam, which guarantees accuracy irrespective of lighting or weather conditions.
Monitoring and granular forecasting of consumption through the use of sophisticate algorithms using data collected by the Evolvea SmartMeter. This contributes greatly to the avoidance of peaks and surges, which are the main contributors to high energy costs and associated CO2 emissions.
Environment – Pollution footprint
Measure noise levels, a wide variety of pollutants, smog levels, noise, electromagnetic pollution relative to benchmarks. Correlation of this data to other parameters such as location, weather, wind direction, time/day etc., to determine where and when unacceptable levels arise, and enable granular cause and effect analyses. Comply with intensifying regulations such as CO2 emission targets.
A fully integrated solution of geo reference tele-surveillance systems are becoming increasingly pervasive in urban settings and, coupled with real-time communication capabilities, can help emergency services intervene promptly when incidents occur. Direct or indirect consequences of events, will also be taken into consideration, greater levels of coordination can be easily realized
Smart Buildings
SmartBuilding consists of a wide array of converged building management features. For the purpose of Comfort, Health & Safety, efficiency and security, the platform offers continuous monitoring of;
  • Energy consumption such as lighting, HVAC, refrigeration
  • Environmental status such as air temperature and humidity
  • Structural monitoring
  • Security, such as building access systems, audio – visual intercom systems & smart parking
  • Smart metering
Urban Noise Map
Create geo referenced noise maps relative specific times and noise levels
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