The Filippetti Group becomes a MediTech member: the Competence Center for 4.0 Industries in Southern Italy.

Filippetti S.p.A. is an ordinary consortium member, participating in the initiative to support companies in the South of Italy on their path towards the digitization of industrial processes.

The MediTech Competence Center is a consortium funded by MISE that aims to enhance the innovative potential of Southern Italy, by accelerating the digital transformation of industries through the development of enabling technologies and the training of digital talents. It was established in Naples on March 19. 
Two regions  (Campania and Apulia), eight universities and many companies are involved in this project: MediTech is a public-private partnership led by the Federico II University of Naples and the Politecnico di Bari, both leaders of the initiative.
Many  industrial sectors are involved: they range from aerospace, automotive, railways and shipbuilding, to agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, energy, ICT services and building and civil construction. The project will promote the spread of I4.0 Enabling Technologies such as Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Information security, Mobile, Advanced Machine Learning, Collaborative Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, Wearable Devices and advanced interfaces, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Nanotechnologies and advanced materials technologies. Attention will be  paid to Social and Blockchain technologies, which are closely related to Industry 4.0 solutions.
These are technological areas in which the Filippetti Group has developed expertise and in which it continues to invest. The company participates in new initiatives to contribute decisively to the digitization of companies,  in Southern Italy but throughout the country.
After te BI-REX in Bologna and ARTES 4.0 in Pisa, the Naples MediTech is the third highly specialized Competence Center – which Filippetti S.p.A. is actively a member of, with the support of Net4Partners which handled the application and participation process.


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