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IoT technologies and state-of-the-art features ensure worker health and safety.

One of the major Oil&Gas global player has adopted our Smart Safety solution in four of its production plants in Italy, increasing safety standards for personnel involved in plant operations. Using IoT technologies developed in-house by the Filippetti Group (Smart Network, IoT Smart Platform, PPE SaveMENOW), EVOLVEA guarantees real-time monitoring of both “man down” and “isolated workers” situations, correct usage of legally required PPE, access to reserved areas and, finally, the complete digitalization of evacuation procedures in the event of large-scale accidents. All IoT devices used for the deployment of the Smart Network are ATEX certified, as is the SaveMENOW PPE adopted by the staff.

The Smart Safety solution adopted by the Top Oil&Gas Players.

ENEL Green Power adopts Smart Safety in construction.


Construction Site

ENEL Green Power has adopted our Smart Safety solution to raise the safety standards of personnel involved in the construction of a wind farm in Greece. The Filippetti Group’s Smart Network covers an initial area of about 5000 square meters (128,000 square meters when fully operational). Using the IoT Smart Platform, proprietary IoT devices and/or integrated third parties, this network ensures real-time monitoring of  “man down” situations, the proper use of PPE and real-time monitoring of accesses to sensitive areas,  to reduce the risk of interference between work teams. Finally, an anti-collision solution was implemented between construction site equipment and ground personnel, to minimise risks arising from people and equipment operating simultaneously.


Construction Site

We have completed an important project at the SAIPEM construction site, the Intermare Fabrication Yard in Sardinia. The intervention involved the implementation of our IoT solutions for Safety and real-time tracking of materials and prefabrication processes. EVOLVEA also provided digital X-ray systems for weld inspection, conducted by our NDT inspectors using latest generation x-ray equipment. Thanks to the advanced analysis of the images obtained, the customers runs a much lower risk of defects that would have a significant impact on the quality of the piping made by SAIPEM for the oil and gas industry.

SAIPEM chooses our IoT solutions for safety and logistics.

ePTW for the SAIPEM Pipe Layer vessel.



EVOLVEA has concluded an important testing project at one of SAIPEM’s largest Pipe Layer vessel. The intervention involved the adoption of the Permit To Work solution by Geoweb for the management of work permits involving 200 users and the issue of about 50-100 PTWs per day. The solution ensures compliance with emission procedures according to the HSE protocols provided by SAIPEM, enabling issuance of Isolation Certificates, Entry Certificates, Job Safety Analysis, Risk Analysis and ToolBox Talk. Process digitization affords greater control over work team interference and the checks required for accessing confined spaces, providing decision-making tools to HSE management. Finally, EVOLVEA has carried out surveys using 3D laser scanner technology to ensure perfect calibration of parts of the work, which are essential for the correct laying of pipes in ultra-deep water and consequently the safety of offshore infrastructures.

logo solidpower-Evolvea


SOLIDpower, a global leader in the production of systems based on the innovative technology of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) for high-efficiency cogeneration of electricity and heat, chooses EVOLVEA as General Contractor to build the new production plant at Cirè of Pergine (Trento, Italy). For this EPC+I project we follow the development of each phase: demolition of old buildings, renovation of the existing hangar and construction of new offices, multidisciplinary design from a BIM perspective (from FEED to construction design), procurement and expediting activities, installation, commissioning and plant start-ups, industrial automation and integration between industrial and business systems (a mandatory requirement for Industry 4.0 financing). The project is still ongoing and is expected to be completed by summer 2019.

SOLIDpower commissions EVOLVEA to build the largest fuel cell plant in Europe.

PEDON entrusts Evolvea with EPC interventions.



Pedon S.p.A. is one of the most important industries in the world of production, transformation and marketing of cereals globally. For the expansion of one of the main processing plants in Italy, EVOLVEA has put its expertise in EPC and Industry 4.0 into play, designing and building a new industrial plant and a new multi-product line that will process cereals and pulses. The plant will be fully automated through MES, interconnected with management systems and specialised sensors for monitoring production processes. The project also included expediting activities on all the components of the industrial plants supplied to the customer.

Working alongside large industries to carry out revolutionary projects.

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